Moving Pictures

A collection of my video work.


Small Itch

A meditation on bodies, movement and clothing I directed, filmed and edited. Ashley Whitehead performs choreography by Deanna Peters to music composed by Paul Finlay. I collaborated with these artists to capture Peters' dance in a short film which went on to screen at various festivals around the world. 

underwater mish-mash

This film came together after I first shared video recorded in LA and the Philippines with musician Matt Skillings. We cut and pasted his compositions and my footage together to create a visual and audio experience of being in the ocean. 

Tight Club

One of a series of videos for Tight Club, a central hub for Vancouver's fitness and lifestyle community. Music by DJ Grafta, illustration by Ali T. Bruce.

MEC - Trail building

Shot and edited on behalf of Pure Souls Media.

New Raw Teaser

A teaser for Deanna Peters 2014 show titled New Raw. 

Sole Girls

Sole Girls is a non-profit run club for pre-teen and teenaged girls. I filmed and edited this video promoting the Sole Girl message of empowerment and community on behalf of Pure Souls Media.

For Joe

Tribute video for a special friend filmed during the construction of Brassneck Brewery.

JJ BEAN Instructional Video

I created this video for JJ Bean Coffee Roasters in 2012, which incorporates stop motion animation and After Effects titles.