Moving Pictures

A collection of my video work.


Covered In Dust

In 2016, a few friends and I decided to drive down to Baja and surf for a week straight. I brought a Super 8 camera and loaded a cartridge of film into it not knowing if it would even work or not. This footage is cut straight in camera and was my first ever attempt at shooting Super 8 film. I added the titles and the music track after.

Small Itch

A meditation on bodies, movement and clothing I directed, filmed and edited. Ashley Whitehead performs choreography by Deanna Peters to music composed by Paul Finlay. I collaborated with these artists to capture Peters' dance in a short film which went on to screen at various festivals around the world. 

The Boys+ Club Fitness

Part of a series of promo videos I did for The Boys+ Club Fitness.

“The Boys+ Club Fitness is a project to increase change and bring awareness to the fitness and wellness industry for marginalized folx. Through this project, we want to bring awareness, diversity, education and to challenge society and the industry to practice inclusivity in health, wellness, and fitness. to dismantle the toxic beliefs that are institutionalized within and to create a new way health, wellness, and fitness are approached and talked about.”

underwater mish-mash

This film came together after I first shared video recorded in LA and the Philippines with musician Matt Skillings. We cut and pasted his compositions and my footage together to create a visual and audio experience of being in the ocean. 

Tight Club

One of a series of videos for Tight Club, a central hub for Vancouver's fitness and lifestyle community. Music by DJ Grafta, illustration by Ali T. Bruce.

MEC - Trail building

Shot and edited on behalf of Pure Souls Media.

New Raw Teaser

A teaser for Deanna Peters 2014 show titled New Raw. 

Sole Girls

Sole Girls is a non-profit run club for pre-teen and teenaged girls. I filmed and edited this video promoting the Sole Girl message of empowerment and community on behalf of Pure Souls Media.

For Joe

Tribute video for a special friend filmed during the construction of Brassneck Brewery.

JJ BEAN Instructional Video

I created this video for JJ Bean Coffee Roasters in 2012, which incorporates stop motion animation and After Effects titles.